BonChon choose Indonesia as their new landing place!

BonChon is Coming to Indonesia.

Currently in Indonesia when we hear fried chicken, we think straight away a big meal consisting of a big chicken covered with thick flour. Could you ever imagine fried chicken as healty? BonChon Chicken, straight from the heart of Korea, has redefined the term “Fried Chicken” since 2002.

BonChon is becoming a world wide trend. At BonChon Chicken, fried chicken is not only served as a meal, but also as a snack around the world. People are flocking to BonChon Chicken to chill and munch on their delicious food.

Why BonChon? It’s simple; the special cooking method allows for the saturated oil melt out which results in a healthier, tastier, and crunchier chicken. Once the chicken is done, we combine it with a special glaze and serve it fresh to you. Hungry yet?

Now that BonChon is coming soon to Indonesia, Indonesians will be able to grab and have a bite soon!! For those who like hot stuff, they can have the spicy fried chicken and for those who prefer sweet and tangy they have the regular chicken. The best part is… Once you try it you know you want more… 😉

Currently more and more people joining the trends, fans are “liking” BonChon Indonesia and talking about it everywhere. So, are you cool enough to join the trend and eat BonChon? Can you resist the craving? 😉


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